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Manuscript Consultant

The low-hanging fruit is easy. But if you're stretching to reach the higher branches, it's pays to get some help. By the way, this isn't a stock photo. Those are my son's feet; and yes, I was glad that my brother-in-law was holding the ladder. 


I offer three kinds of service:


General Manuscript Evaluation. I read your entire manuscript (or chapter), and respond with a letter that describes my interaction with the text, where I had questions, and the strengths and weaknesses I observed. I also provide an estimate of the cost for a line by line “Edit and Polish.”  

Manuscript Editing and Polishing.  I closely edit each page, making suggestions for changes in wording to achieve maximum clarity, while preserving your voice. I always consider what your aims are, not my own. 

Accountability and Coaching. Sometimes the hardest part of writing is finding time for it. I've been there! I know it can be immensely helpful to have someone who's expecting a chapter, a story, an essay or an article at the end of the week. This might be the way to go if you find yourself procrastinating the work, or writing in frustrating circles. This chapter-by-chapter review combines both general and wordsmithing suggestions. 

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