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Publications and Awards

“All the Things the World Is Doing: Minerva Teichert and Humanity, History, and Hope," Essay, Blossom As the Cliffrose, anthology edited by Karin Anderson and Danielle Beazer Dubrasky, 225-137, Salt Lake City, Utah: Torrey House Press, 2021. 

“Tree Thoughts at Thirty-Thousand Feet,” “Dog Hair,” “Bears and Beetles,” Poetry. Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review, 7, no. 1, (Winter 2019): 106, 107.

“Just Telling It Like It Is,” “A Day in the Life of Jesus,” “Coals,” Poetry. Irreantum, 14, no. 1, (2012): 74-78. Link

Third Place in annual poetry contest.

“A Confession,” Fiction. Irreantum,12, no. 1, (2010): 21-37.

First Place in annual fiction contest. Link

“Obbligato,” Fiction. Dispensation: Latter-day Fiction, anthology edited by Angela Hallstrom, 21-35, Provo, Utah: Zarahemla Books, 2010. Link

“The Challenges of Writing from the Inside,” Essay. MultiCultural Review: Dedicated to a Better Understanding of Ethnic, Racial, and Religious Diversity, (19, no. 1, Spring 2010): 33-36.

“Snuffing the Flame: The Moral Implications of Stereotype,” Essay. The Writer’s Chronicle, (October/November 2008). Download


“My Mother’s Kitchen” (later renamed “Obbligato”), Fiction.

Selected as finalist in Hunger Mountain fiction contest judged by Wally Lamb (She’s Come Undone), 2007.

“Death to the Death of Poetry! The Art is Alive and Kicking in Mormon Circles - and in Mainstream American Culture,” Essay. Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, 38, no. 1, (Spring 2005): 187-193.

​“Return to the Chilean Homestead,” Poetry. Exponent II, 27, no. 4, (2005): 25-25. Link

“Dog’s Burial,” Poetry. Exponent II, 27, No. 2, (2004): 29.


​​“It’s Not Just About Love: Five bookstore owners on the risks and rewards of running an independent bookstore,” Article. Publisher's Weekly, 250, no. 27, (July 7, 2003).

“Life’s Hand, Life’s Foot,” Fiction. Timber Creek Review, (Fall 1998): 60-68.


“Bathing Mother,” Fiction. The Carolina Quarterly, 48, no. 2, (Winter 1996): 7-16.

Won the Charles B. Wood award for distinguished writing, and best story of the year.


“Plantains,” Essay. Wasatch Review International, 3, no. 1, (1994): 57-75.


“When This War Is Over,” Essay.  Brick Magazine, (1993): 58-62. Download


“Trains,” “Calf Joy,” Poetry. Wasatch Review International, 1, no. 2, (1992): 43-45.


“Pure, Thin Bones,” Fiction. Dialogue, 22 no. 4, (Winter 1989): 122-130.


“Angelica” and “Sara” Poetry. Inscape, (Fall 1986): 68, 69.

Third Place in Brigham Young University poetry contest.

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