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Lisa edited my fiction manuscript in a way that showcased my intent instead of trying to change it or overshadow it.  Her suggestions were constructive, insightful, easy to follow and served to enhance the novel.   She excelled above and beyond in the editorial categories of developmental, copy editing, and proofreading.  She gave big picture feedback in regard to characterization, point of view, voice, structure, pacing and style inconsistencies.  She also gave extensive line by line edits, focusing on grammatical oversights, as well as dialogue issues, word choice and sentence consistency.


Her edits were practical and focused.  She helped me to transform my novel to the next level.  My goal is to get the novel published, and with Lisa’s excellent edits I am now confident in introducing my manuscript to the publishing world.     

 Erica Williams

  author of Savannah Road

  Find her on Twitter: @EricaLWilliams3

Lisa Rubilar has line-edited two full-length novels with me, and her knowledge base of grammatical precision is complete. While writing my first novel, an epistolary novel, Lisa was willing to undertake the Herculean task of editing a 600-hundred page manuscript, addressing issues of formatting, content, and consistency.


Her helpful critiques included suggestions regarding plot consistency, character development, thematic uniformity, and points of parallelism. Her attention to detail along with her ability to recall the slightest details in the story was evidence to me that she possesses stellar recall: a unique skill set. She uses strong verbal and written communication skills, valuable interpersonal skills, and vast creative skills to further the goal of making a sound written manuscript.

 Kim Durant

  author of Come Morning, Come Africa, Come Home    and American Girl

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